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Postnatal Depression

It is estimated by the NHS that 1 in 7 women suffer from postnatal depression.

Women often worry during pregnancy that they will 'get’ postnatal depression.

Though pregnancy and childbirth are obviously natural that is not the same as saying they are always easy.

Symptoms of Postnatal Depression include:

Low mood, tearfulness, exhaustion, anxiety, irritability.

Difficult Deliveries

Where the child’s birth was traumatic, the mother may also experience flashbacks, nightmares, a sense of isolation, guilt, failure, insomnia, difficulty concentrating. Symptoms can appear immediately or not for sometime after a trauma.

Depression can also be a symptom of trauma and in my experience many incidents of Postnatal Depression are in fact post traumatic stress.

Counselling – the opportunity to talk through all these changes, experiences and feelings can help enormously.

EMDR (Eye Movement Destination Reprocessing) is a very effective treatment for women who have experienced traumatic childbirth. This can be very effective very fast. Between 4-20 sessions are usually sufficient. Often after the first one or two EMDR sessions flashbacks and nightmares cease.

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